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MSR-FSR - FSR divi­sion

Man­aged engin­eer­ing solu­tions com­pany assist­ing our cus­tom­ers in Semi­con­ductor, Life sci­ence and High tech sec­tors.

Field Ser­vice Engin­eer

Semi­con­ductor OEM cap­ital equip­ment

Work­ing field:

  • Per­forms on-site install­a­tion of semi­con­ductor pro­cessing equip­ment at vari­ous cus­tomer sites
  • Troubleshoots equip­ment prob­lems if they arise
  • Main­tains records and reports as required
  • Coordin­ates activ­it­ies with peers, super­visor(s) and cus­tom­ers to min­im­ize equip­ment down­time and inter­rup­tions.
  • Per­form upgrades and modi­fic­a­tions to equip­ment as needed
  • Remain cur­rent on equip­ment/tools through appro­pri­ate train­ing, manu­als, fact­ory peri­od­ic­als, and other rel­ev­ant mater­i­als
  • Incum­bents are respons­ible for the upkeep, main­ten­ance and secur­ity of com­pany prop­erty includ­ing phones, tools, etc.
  • Employ­ees must also main­tain stand­ards of con­duct accept­able to both MSR-FSR and cus­tom­ers to main­tain cre­den­tials for being on cus­tomer site(s)


  • Degree in elec­tron­ics, engin­eer­ing, or other applic­able field of study; Degree in Engin­eer­ing or Tech­no­logy pre­ferred
  • 0+ year pre­vi­ous exper­i­ence in main­ten­ance, repair, and troubleshoot­ing of semi­con­ductor cap­ital equip­ment
  • Excel­lent cus­tomer inter­face skills is required
  • Mech­an­ical aptitude is required as well as an abil­ity to use appro­pri­ate tools
  • Thor­ough under­stand­ing of tech­nical issues involving the main­ten­ance, repair and/or install­a­tion of com­pany equip­ment and com­pany pro­ced­ures are required

Phys­ical Require­ments:
Job duties are often per­formed in con­fined areas in a clean room envir­on­ment, in awk­ward pos­i­tions and/or in high places. Mech­an­ical aptitude, manual dex­ter­ity and abil­ity to lift/carry objects up to 35 pounds is required. May require bend­ing/stoop­ing/crawl­ing/climb­ing. May require the use of Per­sonal Pro­tec­tion equip­ment and proper industry safety pro­ced­ures when work­ing with one or more dan­ger­ous ele­ment or con­di­tions such as chem­ic­als, elec­tric cur­rents or high voltage, mov­ing mech­an­ical parts, radi­ation, etc. Overnight travel to TEL fact­ory, train­ing facil­it­ies and cus­tomer loc­a­tions may be required.

What we of­fer:

Excel­lent Salary, Paid Hol­i­days and Bank Hol­i­days, Over­time Oppor­tun­it­ies, Shift allow­ance (if applic­able)
Extens­ive travel across Europe and full train­ing issued in a cus­tomer factor­ies in Japan for the suc­cess­ful can­did­ate.

How to ap­ply:

Please email your CV and cover let­ter to: